MTV News Redesign

MTV News was relaunched as one of MTV’s first responsive web products almost two and a half years ago. However, it remained in it’s MVP launch format for that entire time. Seeing this as an opportunity to breathe some much needed life back into the visual expression of MTV News, I began to work with my team to develop a new visual language and prototypes of what the next iteration of the site could be. It was essential to base our updates on the current underlying product structure to minimize tech debt during implementation but I wanted to push visual design as much as we could within this constraint. After presenting to a few key stakeholders to get buy-in, incorporating their feedback, and working with the SVP of Brand Design to finalize, we were able to go live with the new design in one sprint cycle. (

MTV News design update - view live here
original proposed comps - view prototype here
*Prototype best if viewed in Chrome browser with Adblock disabled.
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